Ask Doctor Death

EP19: Ultra Orthodox

November 27, 2021
Ask Doctor Death
EP19: Ultra Orthodox
Show Notes

Today Dr. Death speaks with Pesach Eisen, MCH-LP,  a psychotherapist and researcher focusing primarily on the intersection of religious disaffiliation and mental health. He was raised in an ultra-Orthodox Hasidic Jewish faith community, from which he departed during his 20s. In his current role at a non-profit organization called Footsteps, he offers individual and group psychotherapy to those who have left or are contemplating leaving Orthodox Jewish communities. 

Both personally and professionally, he has wrestled with themes such as dignity, faith, humanity, identity, loss, meaning, morality, mortality, religion, spirituality, trauma, values, death, grief, and belief. 

Pesach holds a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology and neuroscience, as well as a Master of Arts degree in mental health counseling.

Our interview covers  a lot of fascinating topics, including: 

  • Do  we really have a choice about our inherited religion if we're never taught to develop critical thinking skills or inner resources?

  • Can grief be managed by customs and traditions rather than allowing it to follow its natural trajectory toward healing?   

  • Do the benefits of living in a supportive community outweigh the cost of suppressing our authentic self?

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