Ask Doctor Death

EP 15: Healing the Trauma of Hellfire Indoctrination

March 09, 2021
Ask Doctor Death
EP 15: Healing the Trauma of Hellfire Indoctrination
Show Notes

In this special episode, Dr. Daniel talks with Andrew Jasko M.Div (MA Counseling Psychology in progress).  Andrew was a Princeton Seminary educated minister and missionary before he left his religion because of the severe psychological trauma he experienced  as a result of toxic beliefs.  He initially rejected religion and spirituality entirely, but then had an unexpected awakening to mystical experiences through psychedelics, meditation and other practices. Unlike many "deconstructed" Christians, Andrew  ultimately found a way to embrace non-physical planes of consciousness without wrapping them in a religious context.

Our conversation covers a lot of ground, from religious trauma syndrome and childhood hell indoctrination to the use of psychedelics to assist individuals in releasing oppressive, fear-based religious ideas and reclaiming a  healthy, authentic connection with spirituality.


Andrew Jasko's website:
www.LifeAfterDogma. org

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