Ask Doctor Death

EP. 4: Grief and the Corona Virus: Recognizing Deep Existential Losses

March 18, 2020 Season 1 Episode 5
Ask Doctor Death
EP. 4: Grief and the Corona Virus: Recognizing Deep Existential Losses
Show Notes

In this short recording, Dr. Daniel talks about the many types of losses we're experiencing as the Corona virus pandemic throws our lives into chaos. In addition to obvious losses such as the death of a loved one, there are other types of losses that we may not even be aware of, including: 

  • Financial, Material and Worldly Loss – Loss of assets or financial security, or the loss of a job or a project.  The pandemic is causing  massive upheaval in economic stability for everyone, from billionaire investors to the lowest-paid hourly workers.  We are all grieving this loss. 

  • Environmental Loss – The world outside our own homes is no longer safe to inhabit. We are grieving the loss of habit and habitat.

  • Loss of Social Connections – Separation from friends and family, children not being able to play together, no social engagement, no hugging, not touching, etc. Deep, deep grief for this, disruptive to emotional well-being. 

  • Loss of Physical Health – Becoming infected with the virus, or being more acutely aware of one’s physical vulnerabilities.  

  • Institutional – When a corporation, religious body, government or medical system fails to provide the benefits it promises, there can be a profound sense of community loss. We are grieving ALL of those losses right now.

  • Sympathetic loss – Even if we are not directly affected, we feel the grief of the displaced worker or the parent who can’t work because he/she has to stay at home with children who can’t go to school. 

  • Loss of truth - When we cannot rely on our leadership to keep us well-informed with  reliable, truthful information.

  • Loss of Autonomy – We are grieving the loss of our freedoms when we are locked down or quarantined.  

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