Ask Doctor Death

EP 34: The Yucky Stuff

April 16, 2023
Ask Doctor Death
EP 34: The Yucky Stuff
Show Notes


This conversation addresses bodily death and disposition, and contains graphic descriptions of what happens to a body during death, mortuary care, decomposition, cremation and more. If these topics are uncomfortable for you, listen with caution (or skip this episode). 


Dr. Wyatt and Dr. Daniel talk with Michaelene Dowers, an Indiana-based funeral director who is licensed in seven states and teaches  courses in funeral services for death care professionals who seek guidance in culturally or socially sensitive decedent care.

With nearly a decade of experience as a funeral director in Washington, Minnesota, Wisconsin, California, Indiana, Oregon, and Idaho, Michaelene is experienced at navigating the many variations in funeral service law and protocol found throughout the United States. 

She holds a  B.A. in religious studies from Grand Canyon University, an M.A. in emergency/crisis management from American Military University, and an M.A. in thanatology (study of death and dying, grief, loss and bereavement) from Marian University that will have conferred in Summer of 2023. Michaelene currently serves as an adjunct professor in the funeral service degree programs at Mid-America College of Funeral Service and at Arapahoe Community College in Denver, as well being a visiting lecturer in funeral service at other colleges nationwide.


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